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The Creation of Smokeless

9th July 2010

Last brew was a Simcoe and Amarillo, next will be a Smoked Porter. Never tried one of these before; either brewing or tasting so I guess it will be complete Marmite! I’m going to split the batch into two and add some chipotle (Mexican smoked jalapeno) into one.

Smoked Porter: 
4kg Pale Ale Malt
0.7kg German Smoked Malt
0.5kg Chocolate Malt
84G of Hallertauer Hersbrucker at 60 MIN (30 IBU)
Yeast: S04
Split into two batches: one with chipotles veined and seeded. 

18th July 2010

Had a little sample of the Smoked Porter; both with and without the chipotle. You can taste the hint of heat now after only 1 day and both are wonderfully smokey. Going to give it another 2 days with the chipotle then bottle them both.

Just came back from a BBQ at a friend’s where we worked our way through a cornie of Headless and 2 bottles each of the Belgian Golden Ale, the Fuggles Bitter, the Hefeweizen. All very well received but slightly tipsy now. 

Once again, the Imperial Stout has escaped the FV and not too sure it is worth cleaning it up continuously. 

Slightly later...

Just wandered down and checked on the beer again, spewing everywhere… this beer better be good!

20th July 2010

The Smoked Porter with the chipotle is tasting better than the one without so I’ve decided to add a chipotle to the other batch and age each for a different amount of time. Probably 5 and 10 days respectively. 

29th July 2010

10-day steeped batch is a little bit too smokey, with just a slight bite of chilli at the end… perfect with pork scratchings though! 5 days: good, but not quite smokey enough. Think a Goldilocks inspired 8 days would have been perfect.

20th October 2010

Freezing when I got home this evening so a good excuse to crack open a couple of the darker beers I’ve been brewing recently.

Smoked Porter: Very nice! The chipotle works very well with a lovely smokey flavour and a slight hint of heat. Could not drink much of it in a single setting but a great Autumn beer.

Oatmeal Stout: Has improved well with age and the maltiness is coming through nicely now.
Chocolate Stout: Too much chocolate; needs toning down as tasting a little bit unbalanced. Tempted to open one of the Imperials but probably too young and it is a school night!

16th January 2011

The Smoked Porter is just about ready. It just needs a couple of days with the chipotles. It’s going to be interesting to try and judge how long it is going to take at this scale (I’ve only used the chipotles before at experimental scale). I usually add 2 per 20 litres, but I’m not sure how it will scale up. I’ve got 700 litres in the FV so if it scales in a linear fashion it should be 70 chipotles…which feels like a lot? I’ll go with 35 and monitor the flavour very closely over the next 2 days.

Edit: Ended up adding 200 grams as they smelled very pungent! Will check on it later tonight and see if more is required.

11th February 2011

Brewing again Saturday morning and time is getting more than a little squeezed at the moment. The good lady wife is out Sunday morning playing tennis and we’ve got children’s parties on Saturday afternoon. Therefore, I am going to have to be brewing at 5:30am Saturday morning, ouch.

Going to be brewing Smokeless again but this time I am going to use more chipotles and leave them for longer.