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Small Kit Experiments: The Clueless Range

I pretty much blame most of the kettle sours and yeast experiments being produced on the small kit lately on sleep deprived double brew days. At some point during the morning, once the first beer is ready for transfer and the memory of the 04:00 start has faded and the 20:00 finish is still a just a concept, the tired giddy high of a caffeinated sugar rush will convince me that we can do 2.5 brews in a day.

It's simple, I grin, an extra bag of pale in the mash, and some pilfered mid runnings, straight into the 1brl copper, quick 15 min boil, chill to 45, pH adjustment if required and pitch lacto culture. This gives me around 24 – 48 hours to work out what to do with the beer after that. Some will work, some won’t. Below is a brief description of what we have brewed recently, which we will be reserving away for our RedWillow Tap Takeover Weekend at our bar from Friday 21st July which will be yeast-centric, with other experimental and one-off brews taking up the rest of the board!

Clueless 20 – American Farmhouse (3.5%)

  • 30% Pilsner Malt
  • 5% Munich Malt
  • 65% Pale Malt (MO)
  • 15 IBU from Saaz at 60min
  • WLP670
  • Dry hopped at 8g/L with Mosaic T90

Clueless 21 – Gose Style (4.6%)

  • 48% Pilsner Malt, 48% Wheat Malt, 4% Aciduated Malt
  • New Lactobacillus pitch, 2 days to reach pH of 3.4
  • Bittering Hop Saaz
  • Pink Himalyan Salt, Coriander Seeds
  • Fermented with WLP300 Hefeweizen

Clueless 23 Dark Sour – AKA Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

The idea was a chocolate, cherry, sour. Initially tasted interesting, then once fermented out, the true horror of what we produced became apparent. Harsh chocolate from the malt battled against tart sourness. Imagine making a very strong hot chocolate, with very sour milk. Yep, wrong. 

Clueless 24 – Sour Nelson AKA Once googled... can never be unseen!

  • Wreckless Malt Base, kettle soured to 3.46
  • 60 Min Boil, 2g / L Nelson at 5 min
  • House Ale Yeast
  • 7g / L Nelson T90 at start of Fermentation

Open to any more ideas on what you would like us see experiment and play around with... Give us a shout in the comments!