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Small Kit Experiment: Imperial Vietnamese Coffee Lactose Porter... Try and stick a 'less' after that

I’ve always had caffeine habit. No doubt down to the early starts and late nights of brewing, but strangely, given how much I care about beer, food and wine I’ve never obsessed too much about the actual coffee (as long as it is fresh, strong and bitter).

Recently however, I have developed a serious Vietnamese coffee habit; with its dark chocolate and hazelnut flavours, sweetened with condensed milk and a big hit of caffeine.

So, the obvious thing to do was to try and turn it into a beer, keg it, possibly with nitro and serve it ice cold. Aiming for an oxymoronic warming iced coffee.

As much as I would like to jump in and brew this on the main brewery, I’d probably be shot for taking up production space, having no label ready etc, so small kit it was.

We ended up with a malt bill of Chocolate, Crystal, Munich, Roasted Barley and Pale Malt, with Lactose and Vietnamese Ground Coffee (Trung Nguyen to be exact) in the copper, hopped with Target.

Pre-boil OG - 1.081
OG - 1.102
IBU - 30 (bitterness to come from the coffee mainly)
Target FG - 1.024
Yeast - Vermont
ABV: aiming for around 10.2%

We will, of course, be saving a keg for the bar so will be posting when that is going to be on. 

- Toby