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RedWillow Bar

30th July 2013

Myself and Caroline obviously have way too much time on our hands as, you will probably know, we have decided to open a bar in Macclesfield. It appears to be that around this time of year we decide to do something that will put us under enormous stress just before we go on holiday. Last year, it was installing the 12 BRL plant and remodelling the entire brewery. This year, the bar!

Progress is coming along nicely; budgets are getting completely blown and we are spending most of our time flitting between the brewery and the bar/building site. Luckily they are only a 10-minute walk apart.

Current plan/wish is to open mid-September. The look and feel is almost there, the number of lines (keg and cask) is finalised, the food line up is sorted… how hard can it be?!

14th August 2013

Myself and Caroline are now learning way too much about the different options, pros and cons of various PIR linked auto-flushing toilet systems and the dangers of not having one!

On a more pleasant note the bar design is pretty much finished (although this is probably the 3rd time I have thought that) and all the various bits, bobs, hoses, pipes, pumps, chairs, sofas are on their way to the bar ready for instillation at some point soon!