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Perceptionless: From Conception to Can

One of the things that fascinates me about flavour, is how we perceive it and what influences that perception. For example, try a pale hoppy beer, switch to a dark beer then return to the pale beer and you will identify more in the pale than you did the first time. A more unexpected result is how the ‘look’ of anything you consume can influence how it tastes.

And one of the conclusions of a scientific study undertaken was; “although sight is not technically part of taste, it certainly influences perception” (Small, 2009), which leads us nicely onto a beer we have been working on for a while and are particularly proud of: Perceptionless. 

We started playing with this beer on the pilot plant and produced numerous iterations, changing just one factor at a time and then evaluating how well each variant worked. We gradually changed the hopping schedule, malt bill, fermentation temperature, salts until we ended up with a beer that genuinely makes us smile (around version 6). 

Perceptionless is a beer that broadly fits into the New England IPA style, 6.6% very low bitterness for its OG (32 IBU), minimal hops in the copper, large amount of hops pitched at the same time as the yeast, hopped during fermentation and then dry hopped. The result is huge amounts of aroma and juicy mouthfeel. The beer is naturally very hazy, the idea being the high level of protein 'binds' the aroma into the beer.

Without a doubt, it is a beer that will divide opinion. If you like the taste, but not the way it looks, drink it straight from the can, which is what I am doing right now. 

Perceptionless will be debuting at Brewdog Edinburgh RedWillow Tap Takeover on 8th December and RedWillow Bar in Macclesfield. This is our first beer that will be available in keg and can only. We are very excited about this beer and the journey taken to get to the end product and keen to hear what you think!

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