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Countless Series: An Experiment of Yeasts

We have finally started on the "1 beer, 9 yeasts" experiment; the first two yeast strains arrived yesterday and are being stepped up as I type.

The original idea was to inoculate 9 pairs of Kilderkins with each yeast strain, leave them for 3-5 months, but being the workshy chaps that we are, we decided to brew a beer on the pilot kit with each strain of yeast as well. 

Obviously the most important thing to get right is a name with a tenuous but justifiable link to what we are doing, so I am excited to introduce the Countless series.

So first up, or Countless 1 (WLP655), is a kettle soured beer. In summary, a fairly straight forward Pilsner malt centric mash, drop the copper to 32, pitch the yeast and leave for 24-72 hours until we have reached the target pH / Gravity, then boil, hop as per normal and ferment out with either our Pilsner yeast or House yeast, not decided yet.

Excited to see how this experiment progresses and hopefully releasing kegs and cans of the best results. I endeavor to keep you updated on the results, good or bad!  

Feel free to tweet us @redwillowbrew with any questions...


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